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Hydrangea Arrangement in Square Glass Vase


Experience the enchanting beauty of fresh flowers in a glass vase without the inconvenience. Meticulously hand-arranged by skilled florists, these exquisite hydrangeas effortlessly capture the essence of real blossoms, both in appearance and texture.  

Heliconia & Canna Leaf in Glass Vase


Immerse yourself in the exotic allure of our Heliconia & Canna Leaf arrangement in a glass vase. This captivating display of tropical botanicals brings the lush beauty of the tropics into your home, providing a striking focal point that radiates sophistication and charm.                  Arrangement            Vase    ...

Canna Leaf Arrangement in Glass Vase Canna Leaf Arrangement in Glass Vase

Canna Leaf Arrangement in Glass Vase

$243.00 $98.00

  Designed for convenience and lasting appeal, this artificial arrangement thrives without the need for watering, sunlight, or upkeep. It retains its fresh and vibrant appearance year-round, offering a hassle-free yet visually stunning decor solution. Height:‚ 75cm / 29.5" Dia: 100cm / 39.25"

Banana Leaf Arrangement in Glass Vase Banana Leaf Arrangement in Glass Vase

Banana Leaf Arrangement in Glass Vase

$243.00 $98.00

The artificial banana leaves in this arrangement are crafted with lifelike details and lush green hues, evoking the lushness of tropical paradise. Nestled within the transparent glass vase, the leaves create a stunning visual contrast, adding a touch of sophistication to any room. Height:‚ 100cm / 39.25" Dia: 110cm / 43.25"

Celosia Arrangement in Glass Vase


  Discover the everlasting beauty of our Artificial Celosia Arrangement gracefully presented in a Glass Vase. This meticulously curated botanical masterpiece captures the vivid allure of the Celosia flower, known for its unique, vibrant blooms, and requires no maintenance or care.   Arrangement: Height : 40cm - 15.7" Vase size: Height / Dia :  20cm -7.9" / 20cm -7.9"

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