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Monika Woodley

Monika the founder and creator of the The Majlis by Monika Woodley has worked in some very luxurious areas, whether it was working in a five-star hotel, a 6 -star cruise liner or a Sheikh’s super yacht, it has given her a true understanding of quality. In all these environments the furnishings have been to very high standard of luxury and part of Monika’s role was to choose and make sure these were looked after. It has always been a dream of hers to recreate these facilities into a single studio where luxury is at the heart of everything being offered. The Majlis’ own brand of faux plants, flowers and assorted furnishings to top the studio off. Monika spent many years in the Middle East and has always had the thought of combining Arabic hospitality with European Design and out this The Majlis by Monika Woodley was born, The Majlis is the welcome room where guests are welcomed into the their (homes and palaces) to be entertained in a luxurious surrounding, she hopes to replicate that in Marbella.

Luxury Faux Florals

Majlis long-lasting faux flowers are an elegant addition to your interior decor. With over 500 varieties of artificial florals, our team of florists is always creating new styles and designs. Our faux flower arrangements in glass are also made with our special blend of faux water. We have perfected the artifcial water so that it will not bubble or turn yellow.

Decorate With Faux Trees

Decorate those empty corners of your home or office with hassle-free, artificial trees from Majlis. Order a tree and pot together and we will professionally install the tree for you with preserved moss. This free service really enhances the natural look of your faux tree and elevates the design.

Luxury Faux Orchids

Having trouble keeping your orchid alive? Go artificial and never worry about taking care of an orchid again! We specialize in real-touch, luxury faux orchids. With multiple colors, sizes and pots choices to choose from, Majlis has a faux orchid for every style of interior design.